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I  like engineering, but I love the creative input.

TheUniversity is a renowned centre of learning, teaching and research. We believe in imparting knowledge that transforms students who intern work for the uplifting of the society. Our instructional strategies/ teaching are flexible, active, meeting the individual learner’s needs and utilize a variety of teaching modalities like CBCS, CDIO and active learning methods.

The University has established working relationship with more than 400 Universities, Industries and Research Institutes across the globe and signed formal agreements with more than 85 organisations for various Academic and Research Activities. Such relationships are with the organisations from 18 Countries.Our students enjoy access to a range of international experiences while studying here, including internships around the world, courses with study abroad components, and substantial support for research abroad.


Learn about admission requirements, how to apply, and the next steps once you’ve applied to the Wize.


Programs include professional coursework master’s, professional online master’s, research-based master’s, doctoral (PhD) programs and graduate diplomas.


Looking forward at Wize isn’t limited to the classroom. It happens throughout campus each and every day through our student activities.


Wize offer a range of different scholarship programmes for international students to help cover tuition fees or living costs.


Where you live plays an important role in new experiences you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


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