IPR and Copy rights

List of IPR (Last five years) :13

# Title of Invention Name of inventors Complete / Provisional Specification Application No. Filing Date
1 PLC Integrable Iot Device For Automated Testing Device Dr.Kanagachidambarasen Complete specification 201941006567 19.12.2019
2 Raspberry Pi Based Safety System For Industrial Workers Using Deep Learning Dr.Kanagachidambarasen Complete specification 201941006600 20.02.2019
3 Automatic Robotic Mechanism For Industrial Water Quality Monitoring Using Internet Of Things Dr.Kanagachidambarasen Complete specification 201941021183 29.05.2019
4 Theft car detector using Raspberry PIE S. Aravind Complete Specification 201741012880 11.04.2017
5 Promoting a single card digital identity through multi-modal biometric recognition system Dr. K. Meena
Dr. N. Malarvizhi
Complete Specification 201741017081 16.05.2017
6 Scalable and effective audit service for storage data in cloud using CP-WABE-RE Dr. M. Kavitha Complete Specification 201741022530 28.06.2017
7 Elevated civil infrastructures health assessment using rotary using UAV's Dr. E. Balasubramanian
Dr. D. C. Haran Pragalath
Dr. Rishi Gupta Harsh Rathod
Dr. U. Chandrasekar
Dr. P. Sarasu
Complete specification 201741029804 23.08.2017
8 Generation Of Electricity Through Moving Trains On Railways By Using T- Box Generator T. Chithras Chianjeevi
Hemanth Kumar
Complete specification 201741042974 30.11.2017
9 A Tool for Measuring Coupling in Object - Oriented Java Software Vijayakumar S. Bidve
Dr. P. Sarasu
Dr. E. Kannan
Dr.P. Anandha Kumar
Complete Specification 201641030672 08.09.2016
10 Attendance Management System using Raspberry PI K. Ganesh
P. Shivapriya
Complete Specification 201641033863 04.10.2016
11 Virtual vision using arduino with STM32 micro controller and Raspberry PI P. Shivapriya
K. Ganesh
Complete Specification 201641038088 02.11.2016
12 16-QAM assisted full duplex bluetooth" for increased transmission range in multimedia applications C. Bala Saravanan
Dr. P. Sarasu
Dr. E. Kannan
Dr. P. Anandhakumar
Complete Specification 201741000827 23.12.2016
13 Wireless electronic voting machine K. Ganesh
P. Shivapriya
Complete Specification 201741000831 23.12.2016

Copy rights : 6

ROC Number Old Diary No Work Title Class of Work Submitted By Submitted On Status Work Status
SW-12598/2019 5447/2019-CO/SW RESIDUAL USEFUL LIFETIME ESTIMATION OF MACHINES USING PYTHON Computer Software Kanagachidambaresan G R 04-10-19 Registered Work Offline
SW-12567/2019 MY STORE APPLICATION WITH PREDICTIVE DATA ANALYTICS Computer Software Kanagachidambaresan G R 04-05-19 Registered Work Offline
SW-12480/2019 UAV- Swarm Simulator using Python Computer Software Kanagachidambaresan G R 02-07-19 Registered Work Offline
SW-12237/2019 38/2019-CO/SW Python based WSN monitoring software Computer Software Kanagachidambaresan G R 01-02-19 Registered Work Offline
15246/2019-CO/SW PYTHON BASED AQUACULTURE MONITORING SOFTWARE Computer Software Kanagachidambaresan G R 09-26-19 Waiting
12394/2019-CO/SW SMART WATER MANAGEMENT MONITORING SYSTEM Kanagachidambaresan G R 09-10-19 Waiting